by Bob Scarff

Three Steps to Survival

Long time readers of my Blog will recall my Three Steps to Survival in which I challenged “traditional” agents to be honest with themselves about their level of service.

Maybe at the time, some agents still didn’t believe that this “Purple Bricks thing” was ever going to impact on their business, but very few agents that I meet now feel completely comfortable about ignoring what’s going on.

There seems to have been a change in just the last few weeks. There are signs now that Full Service agents are fighting their corner. Well done to RedDoor Homes in Rochester for picking up Rayhan Rafiq Omar’s spoof video idea to hilarious. Very funny, but very serious all at the same time. To view the clip search for ‘conmisery’ on YouTube.

The point in the video about the price achieved is at the centre of Full versus Fool.

Most “traditional” agents that went through my Three Steps to Survival will almost certainly have put “achieve the best price” on their list. They’ll probably have given themselves ten out of ten for it too. That’s why they’ll nod wisely when they watch RedDoor’s video. But is it really true, or are they Fooling themselves and their Vendors?

Safeguarding Your Clients

One of my favourite questions for bringing a puzzled look to an agents face is “what system do you have in place to safeguard your clients from selling too quickly?”

The correct answer (which I rarely hear) is that if a Negotiator tries to remove a clients property from the market, stop viewings, change the board to sstc, instruct lawyers etc within 21 days of it first being marketed, then they can’t. It has to be “signed off” by their line manager first.

How else can you be sure that you really have exposed your client’s property fully to the market, like you said you would? How else can you be certain that you’ve found the best buyer and not simply the first one, like you said you would?

Being self centred about it for a moment - how can you be sure that you’ve really used the Listing to generate all of the new (house to sell) applicants that you thought you would?

How are you feeling about your ten out of ten score now??

Yes, a Full Service agent probably is in a position to get a better price than a Self Service one, but only if they do the job properly


PS - a huge well done to James Beardmore, Ian Cheetham and all the team at Butters John Bee for picking up the ESTA last Friday for being the Best Regional Agent in the UK. I’m so proud to be a Director of such a customer focused business.

PPS - if you were at The ESTAS and were one of the people who booed House Network when they picked up their gold medal, do drop me an email because I’d love to know why…..

Bob Scarff

Written by
Bob Scarff

Bob Scarff ran the UK’s largest and most successful firm of estate agents, having worked his way up from a trainee negotiator in 1978. Now bringing his passion for customer service and organisational discipline to other companies and sectors, he saw quickly the benefits that Callwell can provide and co-founded PropTech Solutions in 2016 to relaunch it into the market.


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