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We used to have a hierarchy of how we deal with customers. Walk Ins get an immediate greeting. Phone calls are answered within 30 seconds. But if they send a digital lead it could take us hours to respond. We wanted to change the culture so that our branches treat digital leads with the same urgency as a ringing phone - that is exactly what Callwell does.  If you respond 1 hour later to a lead the customer has moved on and they are doing something else, if you respond immediately, your chance of converting that lead into a viewing, market appraisal or financial services appointment is that much greater.  

If you combine Callwell with a call centre which is open past normal opening hours then imagine the impact on the customer if they get a call back within 5 seconds at 7:45pm.  

It’s instruction winning.

Ian Preston - Managing Director, Preston Baker

Callwell has brought a sense of urgency to our lead handling process, a sense of order and measurability to lead handling performance and above all a single view of the truth.

The competition amongst staff to be the fastest and the best, the reporting capability at a management level and the capacity to integrate our contact centre with our branch network has solved long standing issues immediately. Callwell is highlighting lead abdication, cherry picking and resource issues. Without the reporting and consolidated view of activity that Callwell gives us these are hard to evaluate and even harder to fix.

Callwell is giving us the data we need and a clever technical solution to improving one of the most important things we do – ‘making the first impression count’

Kristian Stott, Andrew Grant LLP

“At the Cumberland we pride ourselves in having a business model that is organised around the modern customer with extended opening hours and quick responses.  However, prior to Callwell our speed of response to a digital enquiry was variable and unmanaged. The natural flow of business meant that emails were trumped by incoming phone calls every time. This resulted in brilliant sales leads sitting unloved and unopened for hours in the 20 or so mailboxes we had while we tackled the volumes of phone traffic.  Callwell has helped connect my sales professionals with the Cumberland’s next customer more speedily and with more insight than a simple inbox can ever achieve.”

Graeme McLeod, Cumberland Building Society

"We have now been involved with Callwell for 2 years. Over this period, we have worked closely with Callwell and their superb team to ensure that we have been able to fully integrate the software into the culture of our business and reap the maximum benefit from it. The product basically enables us to manage and respond to email leads incredibly efficiently whilst also genuinely “wowing” our customers at the speed in which their enquiry is handled."

Steve Thompson, Thomas Morris

"I truly believe Callwell creates the 'WOW' factor and gives us a real edge over other local estate agents.

It has taken our customer service to the next level."

Lisa Carpenter, Intercounty

"Callwell demonstrates our commitment to ensuring we secure the widest selection of buyers and tenants first before any of our competitors so that the potential client can be confident Northfields is the best agent for them to use. As a result, Callwell helps us win new business and also strengthen our fee rates too."

Richard Palfreeman, Northfields Estate Agents

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