by Andrew Pennells

Indeed it might do, but is that really the best way to get the message across? Most of us are irritated by the latest management speak, whilst at the same time guilty of using it from time to time and kicking ourselves when we hear the words coming from our own mouths.

The challenge for a leader of any business is to apply the concepts and not believe that they have been successful simply by quoting the buzz phrases on regular occasions. Just because you warn people about a frog being boiled doesn’t mean it isn’t happening to you! It is worth remembering that the phrases become popular (and are then over used, and wrongly used) because they have some merit, so worth a few minutes wiping away the cringe factor and challenging ourselves.

Wipe away the cringe factor

Instead of blue sky thinking, just start with a blank sheet of paper. If you were starting in business today, what consumer problem would you solve and how would you go about it?

Often those that quote the box, aren’t able to think in a different way. What problem are you failing to solve in your business? Don’t keep applying the same flawed solutions – ask others, look at different businesses or delegate the challenge.

Whilst we carry out our regular roles in a business we might fail to see the greater risks. A frog is able to jump out of a pan of water being heated, but not when it is too late. One of my favourite quotes over the last few years is this. “Change will never again be as slow as it is today”. Don’t be boiled – take action to ensure you are ahead of the competition, not following.

Ask yourself …

Next time you hear your most hated phrase why not ask yourself how it was intended to challenge you.

Next week I will be off down a rabbit hole to boil the ocean, but in the meantime please feel free to see how many of your “favourite” phrases you can roll together.

Andrew Pennells

Written by
Andrew Pennells

Andrew brings a wealth of experience and talent to the Callwell team. Graduating from St Catherine’s, Oxford, he made his way to the property industry via financial services and spent 12 years in senior positions at the largest estate agent in the UK. Now bringing his skills to bear in the next generation of property companies, Andrew continues to get the best from the people he works with. Relentlessly seeking improvement, Andrew brings a Guardiola-esque search for perfection wherever he finds himself.


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