by Andrew Pennells

I think most of us would agree that for many years the customer has been increasingly at the centre of thinking for businesses, and that this is a good thing. If a business is trying to provide a product or service that does not meet a real need, or it meets a need badly, then the longer term prognosis is unlikely to be good. There have been many phrases brought into circulation which reflect the trend, all with “customer” included in some way. Customer journey, customer experience, customer satisfaction, customer delight, customer success, and your own personal favourites to add to the list. The intent is great, but the outcome is not always as good.

Words, plans, actions

Labelling a new approach with a slick phrase referencing the customer doesn’t, in itself, improve things for the customer. In fact, it can lead to an illusion that everything is wonderful and that the customer is better off than they used to be, whilst in reality being lost in the complexity of a process. Plans to put the customer first are a step in the right direction, but of course the customer still hasn’t felt the benefit until there are definitive actions in place to ensure there is actual benefit.

Ask the customer

Many businesses are still in the place where they assume they know what the customer wants and then build their product or service around this assumption. With changing needs and complex needs that vary in different scenarios, it is more important than ever to truly understand what your customer wants, needs and expects from you. Understanding helps you to design something that your customers think is fantastic.

Where are your customers going?

Whilst the intent may be good, the reality is sometimes not so good. Instead of a customer journey, is there a risk your customers are on the road to nowhere? At Callwell, we help the journey to get off to a good start. We have found that customers expect a quick response to their enquiries and our purpose is to meet this need. By turning email enquiries into phone calls, the start to their journey is a great one – after that, it is over to you. If you would like your customers to have a better start to their journey, click here to book a demonstration.

Andrew Pennells

Written by
Andrew Pennells

Andrew brings a wealth of experience and talent to the Callwell team. Graduating from St Catherine’s, Oxford, he made his way to the property industry via financial services and spent 12 years in senior positions at the largest estate agent in the UK. Now bringing his skills to bear in the next generation of property companies, Andrew continues to get the best from the people he works with. Relentlessly seeking improvement, Andrew brings a Guardiola-esque search for perfection wherever he finds himself.


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