At Callwell we handle ALL inbound leads for agents. Email enquiries are turned into telephone calls meaning leads can be spoken to within 20seconds of your office receiving the lead.

Working with Zoopla we have developed unique ‘tagging’ enabling agents to differentiate between leads. In particular we highlight valuation enquiries and our system can be configured to route alerts through to other team members (and sometimes the business owner) if the lead has not be dealt with in a timescale set by you.

The recently announced Zoopla and OnTheMarket Facebook integration is another advancement providing customers with yet another way to make contact with an agent. At Callwell we think this is great news for the public and agents but does provide another reason that agents must have an efficient system in place to speak with those enquiries.

Customers using Callwell can be sure that EVERY lead can be called immediately, if you aren’t using Callwell isn’t it now time to have a look at what we do?


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