I find it curious that so many people say they don’t like being “micromanaged”. But is it such a bad thing?

Micromanagement can be a bad thing of course, but it can and certainly should be a good thing. What matters is the outcome. If the person being managed performs better and feels more motivated, then who’s to say that’s a bad thing.

That outcome though (and here’s the thing) is entirely down to what the manager thinks that she or he is trying to achieve.

No one likes being watched if they think it’s being done so as to wait for them to do something wrong. But everyone likes being watched if they know that they’ll be praised for doing well.

As an old boss of mine used to say “Catching people doing things wrong might get a slightly better immediate result, it might even make you feel clever. But catching people doing things right is far more powerful, leads to far better results in the long term and makes everyone feel good”

All of which is why I love a new feature in Callwell that we’ve switched on this week.

Callwell Performance allows “management” to see in real time from the comfort of their own laptop how many incoming customer emails each individual member of the team has received, how many they’ve phoned, how many they’ve spoken to and, most importantly, how many Callwell Score points they’ve achieved.

As with any data, our Performance table can be sorted in any order. The manager can choose to put the best person at the top or put the worst at the top …… that choice probably shows which style of “Micromanagement” her or his team can look forward to.

Click here to watch my business partner Rob Wellstead tell you all about Callwell Performance in just two minutes, five seconds.


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