I’ve probably led more “performance reviews” with more estate agency branch managers than most readers will have yet had hot dinners.

With market conditions in a state of flux right now, I’m sure that if I found myself doing them at the moment then one phrase I would hear a lot would be “we just need to get back to doing things the way that we used to”.

We all know that estate agency isn’t Rocket Science, but we also all know that it isn’t easy either. The basic disciplines for success may well be straightforward, but easy they are not. As I said after I was persuaded to take part in Strictly Agents Dancing, organised by Agents Giving in 2016 - “Ballroom Dancing is just like Estate Agency, everyone thinks it’s easy right up to the moment that they try to do it themselves”.

Anyway, I digress; good estate agency may be straightforward but it is easy to lose sight of that simple fact when you are “rushed off your feet” as most agents have been since the end of the first Lockdown. Six month’s activity being squeezed into three months was always going to feel rushed but add the Stamp Duty Holiday and Covid Migration to the mix and it’s no wonder that no one has had time to think. It’s at times like that when some of the basic disciplines can get forgotten - not calling people back when you said you would, not remembering that Valuation that you said that you’d keep in touch with, not dealing with new applicants in the way that you know you should … the list goes on.

But here’s the thing; if there was only ever a single reason for my “performance reviews”, it was the simple function of helping refocus on disciplines that had been lost. It’s very rare for someone to think of something that has never been tried before. The answer always lies in recognising what you have stopped doing.

Of course, one thing that Callwell Agents never do stop doing is dealing with their emails promptly.

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