Would you describe yourself as a “Glass Half Full” person?

I thought you probably would, most estate agents do … mind you, I’ve met a few “glass half empty” types in my time !!

Me? I’m proudly neither. I learnt many years ago from watching a number of very successful business people that it’s far better to be a “Glass is currently utilising precisely fifty percent of its capacity” person.

A person never swayed by hyperbole, who only deals in facts and evidence. One who never gets over excited when “things” are going well, nor becoming at all despondent when they are not.

Now, I’m not saying that Positive Mental Attitude doesn’t have its place, of course it does. It’s impossible to inspire colleagues and customers without a healthy dose of PMA. But too much PMA in the Board Room is very dangerous.

What on earth does this have to do with “turning emails into phone calls, Bob?” I hear you ask.

Well, it’s this. For most of the second half of last year the glass of estate agents in the UK was far more than half full. On a personal level 2020 was catastrophic for all and tragic for far too many. But on a business level, no estate agent would have imagined on the evening of 23rd March that transaction volumes would end the year where they did - “the best year I’ve ever had” I’ve heard more than once.

But the fact is that the total number Listed for sale in 2020 was identical to the number Listed in 2019.

Yes, the Sales:Listings Ratio came in. Yes, six months activity was crammed into three. So yes it felt like a “boom”. But it wasn’t (isn’t). So it certainly doesn’t justify the return of “I don’t need to look after this applicant properly, there’ll be another one along in a moment”

So THAT is what this has to do with turning emails into phone calls. There never is a good time to treat Applicants with contempt, but the very worst time to do so is just now when email is the first preference of more than half of all new enquiries.

Callwell allows you to respond to emails with an instant phone call back or with a text message. Callwell allows you to respond to different Enquiry Types exactly as the Customer would expect - a Tenant viewing enquiry at 11pm on a Saturday might get a Text message, while a Valuation opportunity on a Wednesday morning gets an instant phone call from you to book the appointment……and all this even if you’re WFH.


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