In the last week, I’ve seen a couple of articles about the value for money (or not) that Portals offer to agents.

Last week Wiggywam told us what poor value for money portals are and how little they are trusted by agents.

Earlier this week Homehere reckon to have calculated the cost per lead and, if remotely true, made for astonishing reading. Also this week, we’ve seen Boomin come out of their temporary shell and update us on their launch and remind us how Boomin is going to change the game.

Now I realise that all three are peddling their story (just as I am right now) so one has to see them for what they are - opinion not data.

But the fact is that most agents don’t know how many emails and phone calls they receive each month from each source, let alone what type of enquiry they were. They certainly don’t know reliably what happened to each lead in the end so can’t hope to know the first thing about value for money and trust.

OK that is also opinion and not data, but it’s the opinion of someone who spends a large chunk of his life asking agents how many Portal leads they receive each month …..

When you dig into it, the sad fact is that a lot of agents think that Portal leads are poor value for money and can’t be trusted etc because that is what their people say…so it must be true.

On the other hand (here comes the peddling part) Callwell customers have live access to real-time and historic data showing them ALL of their online sources all analysed by Enquiry Type. They also have both an objective ROI measure using Callwell Leadcheck and a subjective, but instantaneous, “opinion poll” of their team members using Callwell Rate That Lead every time they put the phone down.


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