Lockdown has been hard on all of us. We have all struggled, not being with our families and the normality of life. Working in offices, going to the shops, kids playing in parks, eating and drinking out to name a few.

We at Callwell have taken some time to reflect on what we do and where else we might be able to add value and one of our team suggested the dating industry. Many publications have highlighted how lockdown has had a major impact on single people in their quest for love. Without being able to meet in person, this has been both a positive in that they can meet safely over Zoom but a negative in that they can’t just meet over drinks and enjoy each other’s company.

We already provide the platform to handle email leads for estate agencies, we thought it might be quite helpful to those who are single in the companies we work with to have the same platform for their dating apps. The system is already in place for properties they manage. In a time where we look to tech to make our lives easier, we think it is a great idea.


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