How to be an EA Master

01 November 2018

If you were at EA Masters a couple of weeks ago then you will have seen the outcome of 50,000 Mystery Shops of UK estate agents.

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Three Vital Questions

11 October 2018

In 1998 when emails first began to arrive, it is fair to say that they were treated as nothing more than a novelty. Most agents would cheerfully ignore incoming customer emails saying “if they were serious, they’d ring up”.

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a presentation to a group of people heavily involved in UK Estate Agency. I found myself turning the clock back to 1998 and comparing it with now. Read on to find out my conclusion………….

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Now or Never

30 August 2018

In a recent results announcement, Rightmove said that the average monthly spend of their agent customers is now very close to £1,000 per month. I found myself in a thought provoking exchange on LinkedIn with a man from Royal Mail…..

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Callwell Fantasy Football League

02 August 2018

Those of you who know me will recall that as a Birmingham City fan I have had little interest in the Premier League since 2011 …

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PROPtech or propTECH

26 June 2018

There’s never been an easy time for estate agents to make Investment decisions, but right now it’s probably as challenging as ever.

The market place seems even more unpredictable and patchy than ever. Then all this PropTech stuff doesn’t help either……..

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Which piggy are you now?

15 March 2018

We’ve seen all of the big agency chains announce their 2017 results in the past couple of weeks. All the talk of “digital strategy” made me look back at my blog twelve months ago to see if my predictions were coming true. Read on to see what I found……

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I am enthusiastic, I just don't show it

18 January 2018

The most exciting feature of the 2018 version of Callwell allows the staff of our customers to compete with each other to give the best customer service. I think it’s the coolest thing that we’ve done so far. But I was chatting to someone a few weeks ago who wasn’t so sure………

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The Road to Nowhere?

09 November 2017

I think most of us would agree that for many years the customer has been increasingly at the centre of thinking for businesses, and that this is a good thing. If a business is trying to provide a product or service that does not meet a real need, or it meets a need badly, then the longer term prognosis is unlikely to be good.

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