Lead management made simple

Callwell is the leading prospecting and lead management software for Estate Agents in the UK

Research shows property agents using Callwell see an 80% success rate in connecting with enquiries

Ensure effective lead management: Maximising your lead generation investments

Whether your branches are dealing with 100 or 100,000 leads, Callwell consolidates prospects found through your website, portals and advertising into one simple-to-manage inbox.

Callwell features include

Instant or Scheduled Calls

Generate a call to you branch for all enquiries or just your high-value leads

Management Reporting

Live management reports, statistic dashboard, staffing analytics and our ROI calculator

Enquiry Alerts

Get notified by email if your response times aren’t meeting company standard

Branded Auto Responder

Customisable 24/7 messaging via email or SMS* so every leads is contacted

Lead Qualifier

Gather info from tenants, sellers and student lets leads with custom questions

Manage your channels your way

Callwell Pro offers the complete lead management solution for your property agents, handling your Sales and Lettings leads, so is suitable for estate agents of all sizes.

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Simple Lead Management

Callwell is the largest provider of lead management software for property agents in the UK. Our system offers a flexible solution enabling you to handle all your leads, in real-time, in one easy-to-manage inbox.

Our consolidated enquiry dashboard, instant and scheduled calls, full contact history and branded auto responders mean your property agents have the tools they need to effectively manage and convert those high-value leads into customers.

Comprehensive Reporting Suite

Live Management Reports provide you with statistic dashboard and staffing analytics, ensuring you never lose touch with your branch activity. Within seconds you can filter out your valuation numbers and check whether contact has been made.

Callwell’s ROI Calculator will help you understand exactly how much each deal is worth and the amount you paid for it.

Seamless Integration

Callwell integrates with a host of external tools and we are constantly working to add new features all the time.

A key tool is Callwell’s Mailchimp integration, enabling you to nurture your leads and stay front of mind.

Our integrations can automate your responses or send to your CRM at the touch of a button

Why you need Callwell

With Callwell, you’re not just managing leads; you’re enabling your teams to maximise every opportunity.

Securing those vital connections can make all the difference in a competitive market.

Position your team to reach your leads before your competitors with a single lead management toolbox and make a great first impression every time.

Enquiries Handled Per Month

Call Minutes Handled Per Month

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Not an Estage Agent?

Callwell can help with your lead management too!

Contact us for more information about which plan is most suitable for your business.

Inbound tracking

Keep track of your Pay-Per-Click advertising sources with our inbound tracking.

Email integrations

Send automated messages through our integration with Mailchimp.

ROI indicator

Our ROI indicator will help you understand the value you are getting from the portals you use.

Team insights

Track the performance of your team with our team insights.

Live management reporting

Our live management reporting gives you great analysis, including how many of your leads have been contacted and how quickly at a glance.

Scoring and leaderboards

Our scoring measures the speed and success of your response to incoming leads.

Statistics dashboard

We provide real-time analysis through our statistics dashboard.

Missed enquiry alerts

We notify you by email if your response times aren’t meeting company standard.

Branded auto responders - email/SMS*

Ensure your customers enquiries are acknowledged using our configureable auto responders.

*Additional SMS charges apply

Branded lead qualifier

Qualify your tenant leads before making contact. We can even help you identify student enquiries.

Lead assign

Any easy way for Branch Managers to assign leads to their team.

Enquiry type identified

We identify your leads for you including: buyers, sellers, valuation opportunities, tenants, landlords, investors and many more.

Internal messenger

To guarantee they have been read, send referals or messages to your colleagues through Callwell.

Full contact history

Recording all your call outcomes through Callwell means all your history is in one place.

Manual call back

If you miss an instant call, you can make manual calls to your customers through the Callwell system.

All your leads in one place

Our dashboard shows all your leads from all your sources in one place an instant call to your branch for new enquiries, asking your agents to "Press 1" to initiate an immediate call to the customer. We can also schedule overnight and weekend leads to call your branch when it next opens.

Instant and scheduled calls

We generate an instant call to your branch for new enquiries, asking your agents to "Press 1" to initiate an immediate call to the customer. We can also schedule overnight and weekend leads to call your branch when it next opens.