Lead management is a crucial component for UK estate agencies looking to effectively capture, nurture and convert potential customers.

It’s the first step towards successful sales, building a path towards consistent growth. However, with around 36% of professionals across many industries struggling to build an effective strategy for lead generation, it’s important to put things in place to ensure your processes work.

But a number of things need to be in place for your lead management strategy to be effective.


Here are our top 10 tips to manage your leads successfully:

Don’t rely on emails

While emails are convenient and provide a written record of communication, they lack the personal touch that can be critical in building relationships with potential customers.

Research shows that phone calls are the most relevant form of communication when dealing with high-value leads.

Picking up the phone demonstrates a higher level of commitment and professionalism. It shows potential clients that you are genuinely interested in their needs and are willing to take the time to discuss their concerns and preferences in detail.

Callwell’s Auto Response feature allows you to alert your negotiators, inviting them to call the enquirer back in seconds. This helps you secure leads and make your customers feel special.

Moreover, phone calls can help estate agents stand out in a competitive market. In an era where digital communication is the norm, taking the time to make a personal call can leave a lasting impression.

Keep all leads in one place

The worst thing you can do with your leads is let the information get lost, or have it deleted, how do you know that leads have been actioned?

Don’t just take someone’s word for it.

It’s likely you have paid a lot of money for these leads, so it’s important that all get actioned.

With Callwell, you can capture your leads the second they appear, no matter the source. It also automatically keeps track of every lead’s information and every interaction they have had with your team, and also enables you to measure the speed and success of your team’s responses.

Follow up with leads instantly

When a potential customer shows interest, they are likely exploring multiple options and could quickly move on if they don’t receive a prompt response.

Instant follow-up shows that you are attentive, professional, and ready to meet their needs, which can significantly boost your chances of converting that lead.

A report by InsideSales revealed that conversion rates jump more than 8X if attempted in the first 5 minutes as opposed to waiting between 5 minutes and 24 hours.

Callwell gives your Sales team the chance to make the most of every opportunity. The initial conversations between your negotiators and their leads shape how they feel about your business and their entire experience, so it’s important they receive a personalised response.

Get to leads at the right time

It’s impossible to know the ‘perfect’ time to respond to leads but, with 50% of leads arriving outside of normal office hours, it’s crucial to have a process in place.

Especially with priority leads, you will want to ensure your team replies as soon as possible. With Callwell’s Morning Caller feature, you can schedule overnight leads to trigger a phone call to your branch the following morning with their details, enabling instant call back and minimising the chance their enquiry will be missed.

Remember to report

A truly effective lead management process is incomplete without reporting. It enables you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing and sales strategies.

By analysing key metrics such as lead sources, conversion rates, and the time taken to close deals, you can determine which tactics are working and which ones need adjustment.

Estate agencies spend thousands listing their properties on online portals, so ensuring that expenditure isn’t wasted on a platform that doesn’t bring in consistent leads is critical.

With Callwell’s built-in ROI tracker, you can find out the return on your investment across your various marketing spends, from your website to Google, social media and online portals.

Track your team’s performance

It might seem a challenge to get meaningful data on your team – and you may even think it feels like micro-management or that it’s not worth the hassle.

However, the average response rate to emails from portals in the UK is below 25% – a staggering three-quarters of leads are being missed!

With Callwell, our clients consistently reach response rates of over 85% – but how?

Callwell enables Sales teams to:

  • Collect data at every point of contact
  • Display who is yet to be called
  • Instantly organise leads and identify priorities
  • Follow up on valuable leads fast
  • Prioritise out-of-hours leads
  • Search through interested, qualified leads if a prospect backs out

Nurture your leads

    When you’re investing so much money each month generating new leads, what’s the point if you’re not going to nurture them?

    Ruler Analytics reports that the average conversation rate in the industry is just 2.4%.

    As house sales and purchases are huge transactions, a longer nurturing period should be expected. But it also makes it even more important to make the most of every lead you have.

    For Lettings customers, it’s important to stay in touch, even once the deal has gone through. According to Statista, private renters spend 4.3 years in one residence, so maintain contact regularly and you may be the first they come to in the future.

    Callwell integrates with a host of external tools, such as Mailchimp, enabling you to nurture your leads and stay front of mind. Automatically schedule and send relevant properties or useful market information to keep your prospects engaged. This will help you build a strong relationship, even if they’re not in the position to do business right now.

    For Sales teams: Valuation leads are high-value leads

    Valuation leads aren’t just valuable because they generate more revenue and traffic; they’re valuable because it’s not often that your agency will be the only one they contact.

    With over 24,000 estate agencies in the UK – and 7,000 in London alone – competition couldn’t be fiercer, so setting yourself apart from the rest is essential.

    Sellers only have so much time on their hands and, for many, they will only let one or two agencies value their property before deciding which one to work with.

    If your Sales team isn’t first, they’re last!

    For Lettings teams: Qualify leads first

    In Sales, a fast response can be what makes the difference but in Lettings, a more focused approach is required. Not every enquirer is the right fit for a property, so it’s important to qualify leads before speaking to them.

    Our Lead Qualifier feature lets your team prioritise the leads that matter and lets you locate those leads through an easy-to-use dashboard.

    For Lettings teams: Prioritise landlord leads

    Rental leads are just one type of enquiry your Lettings team will receive. Landlord leads are highly valuable, so fostering a positive relationship from the very first moment a landlord reaches out is key.

    Just like with valuation leads, the competition for landlord leads is fierce. But, once a landlord chooses to work with you, building and sustaining a strong relationship will help you keep hold of them and improve the likelihood of working together in future.

    Callwell helps estate agencies across the UK take their lead management to the next level through a range of simple yet effective features.

    Our full range of features is available here but, if you think your business could benefit from an improved lead management strategy, get in touch.

    Inbound tracking

    Keep track of your Pay-Per-Click advertising sources with our inbound tracking.

    Email integrations

    Send automated messages through our integration with Mailchimp.

    ROI indicator

    Our ROI indicator will help you understand the value you are getting from the portals you use.

    Team insights

    Track the performance of your team with our team insights.

    Live management reporting

    Our live management reporting gives you great analysis, including how many of your leads have been contacted and how quickly at a glance.

    Scoring and leaderboards

    Our scoring measures the speed and success of your response to incoming leads.

    Statistics dashboard

    We provide real-time analysis through our statistics dashboard.

    Missed enquiry alerts

    We notify you by email if your response times aren’t meeting company standard.

    Branded auto responders - email/SMS*

    Ensure your customers enquiries are acknowledged using our configureable auto responders.

    *Additional SMS charges apply

    Branded lead qualifier

    Qualify your tenant leads before making contact. We can even help you identify student enquiries.

    Lead assign

    Any easy way for Branch Managers to assign leads to their team.

    Enquiry type identified

    We identify your leads for you including: buyers, sellers, valuation opportunities, tenants, landlords, investors and many more.

    Internal messenger

    To guarantee they have been read, send referals or messages to your colleagues through Callwell.

    Full contact history

    Recording all your call outcomes through Callwell means all your history is in one place.

    Manual call back

    If you miss an instant call, you can make manual calls to your customers through the Callwell system.

    All your leads in one place

    Our dashboard shows all your leads from all your sources in one place an instant call to your branch for new enquiries, asking your agents to "Press 1" to initiate an immediate call to the customer. We can also schedule overnight and weekend leads to call your branch when it next opens.

    Instant and scheduled calls

    We generate an instant call to your branch for new enquiries, asking your agents to "Press 1" to initiate an immediate call to the customer. We can also schedule overnight and weekend leads to call your branch when it next opens.