Leadership or Followership

20 April 2017

So, all agreed then - people who work in estate agency branches up and down the Country don’t travel to work each day dreaming up new ways of disappointing their customers. BY BOB SCARFF

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Trust me, I'm an estate agent

13 April 2017

I talk a lot about how agents need to make sure that they really deliver great customer service rather than just say that they will. BY BOB SCARFF

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Which Piggy will you be?

06 April 2017

Under the heading “Piggy in the middle” last week, I said that within the next five years 25% of all house sales would be by vendors who would have opted for some form of self service. No one has openly disagreed with me, so I must be right…….. BY BOB SCARFF

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Piggy in the middle

30 March 2017

I spent most of last week with my colleagues at market leading agents, Butters John Bee and Farrell Heyworth. BY BOB SCARFF

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How to grow in uncertain times

22 March 2017

Nine months after contracting to help relaunch Callwell, it’s time for high-growth consultancy Growtion to help other businesses through the uncertainty ahead too. BY MAL MCCALLION

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It’s Raining Proptech

16 March 2017

There is rarely a day that goes by without launch of a new proptech initiative that will help estate agents in ways they didn’t even know they needed help. BY ANDREW PENNELLS

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Lessons from a car dealership – Number Five

09 March 2017

Having experienced the delights of the car showroom, and selected my chosen car I decided to contact the brand in question and describe my experiences to them. BY ANDREW PENNELLS

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Lessons from a car dealership – Number Four

02 March 2017

Much of the customer journey in purchasing a car in today’s world happens outside the showroom, so it was with interest that I waited to see what the follow up would be like. BY ANDREW PENNELLS

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Lessons from a car dealership – Number Three

23 February 2017

Determined to find out about my chosen car, I persevered and walked, unescorted, to see if I could find somebody who might take an interest. Presumably the majority of potential customers would have given up . BY ANDREW PENNELLS

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A customer of your own business

16 February 2017

Last Thursday, I attended the NAEA Conference in London. It was great to catch up with so many old friends. BY BOB SCARFF

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