When a full service agent makes a difference

06 July 2017

My recent blog questioned how sales actually get agreed, a local agent (to me) called to talk me through how his team had handled a recent sale.

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How do sales get agreed?

22 June 2017

Did you read Bob’s recent blog – Half a lifetime reading emails. This got me thinking about “how do some sales get agreed”.

When I started as a “Negotiator” …

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Half a lifetime reading emails

08 June 2017

This week marks an anniversary for me. It was the first week of June in 1997 that I started an eighteen month period (the only period in my career) away from front line estate agency. BY BOB SCARFF

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Full Service or Fool Service - Part Two

25 May 2017

I’ve had a good response to last week’s blog. Thank you to those of you that emailed in or that I’ve spoken to.

All of you agree with me that Full has to mean Full. However, most of you think that the observation relates to others rather than to you. I wonder if that’s true or are you fooling yourself?

I also wonder how many other areas of a Full Service offering need to improve from the Traditionally accepted level……….. BY BOB SCARFF

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Full Service or Fool Service

18 May 2017

The lines are drawn between Full Service and Self Service in the battle for customers. But does Full Service do what it says on the tin or are some agents still trying to Fool vendors and landlords…….BY BOB SCARFF

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Hug a difficult colleague

27 April 2017

My theme for the last couple of weeks has been the vital importance of quality people and quality leadership in ensuring that Sales and Lettings agents deliver customer service that is up to the standard promised at the Valuation appointment. BY BOB SCARFF

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Leadership or Followership

20 April 2017

So, all agreed then - people who work in estate agency branches up and down the Country don’t travel to work each day dreaming up new ways of disappointing their customers. BY BOB SCARFF

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Trust me, I'm an estate agent

13 April 2017

I talk a lot about how agents need to make sure that they really deliver great customer service rather than just say that they will. BY BOB SCARFF

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Which Piggy will you be?

06 April 2017

Under the heading “Piggy in the middle” last week, I said that within the next five years 25% of all house sales would be by vendors who would have opted for some form of self service. No one has openly disagreed with me, so I must be right…….. BY BOB SCARFF

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Piggy in the middle

30 March 2017

I spent most of last week with my colleagues at market leading agents, Butters John Bee and Farrell Heyworth. BY BOB SCARFF

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