Callwell Portal Traffic Report is now available

13 April 2021

Callwell today publish their Portal Traffic Report. With over 500,000 leads analysed the report provides a comprehensive view of the market today and the level of business the portals are providing for agents.

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We think it’s time to diversify….

01 April 2021

We can all play our part in helping to make a difference…

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Portal leads are a waste of money - my team tell me they are and I don't employ liars

24 February 2021

In the last week, I’ve seen a couple of articles about the value for money (or not) that Portals offer to agents.

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Half Full or Half Empty

20 January 2021

Would you describe yourself as a “Glass Half Full” person?

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What have you stopped doing?

17 November 2020

I’ve probably led more “performance reviews” with more estate agency branch managers than most readers will have yet had hot dinners.

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What do you call yours? …… if you still have one?

20 October 2020

“Portals have made agents lazy” so some people say. Read what Callwell MD and Industry veteran Bob Scarff has to say…

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If I'm not happy, I'll tell you ...

16 September 2020

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m fed up (and not a little intimidated) by being forced to “review” everything in my life – eating out, online shopping, my bank, where I get my car serviced …..

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Micromanagement or Microencouragement

19 August 2020

I find it curious that so many people say they don’t like being “micromanaged”. But is it such a bad thing?

Micromanagement can be a bad thing of course, but it can and certainly should be a good thing. What matters is the outcome. If the person being managed performs better…

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Virtual and Reality - Bob Scarff

20 April 2020

Almost everywhere you look, some industry know it all like me is offering you their opinion on what lies on the other side of this chaos.

You’ll be pleased to know then, that I don’t intend to add to that pile of conjecture – well not today anyway…..

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