If I'm not happy, I'll tell you ...

16 September 2020

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m fed up (and not a little intimidated) by being forced to “review” everything in my life – eating out, online shopping, my bank, where I get my car serviced …..

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Micromanagement or Microencouragement

19 August 2020

I find it curious that so many people say they don’t like being “micromanaged”. But is it such a bad thing?

Micromanagement can be a bad thing of course, but it can and certainly should be a good thing. What matters is the outcome. If the person being managed performs better…

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Virtual and Reality - Bob Scarff

20 April 2020

Almost everywhere you look, some industry know it all like me is offering you their opinion on what lies on the other side of this chaos.

You’ll be pleased to know then, that I don’t intend to add to that pile of conjecture – well not today anyway…..

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Counting the cost

13 December 2018

I hope you enjoyed Jack & Jill’s story over the past couple of weeks. Jack had read that fifty two percent of emails sent to estate agents were ignored. For a home owner like Jack, the truth was even worse…….

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Jack and Jill - Part Two

06 December 2018

Jack and Jill have decided to move further up the hill. They’ve chosen the agent that they want to sell their house with and they’re very pleased with themselves at how they chose. But what happened next………

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Jack and Jill

29 November 2018

Once upon a time Jack and Jill decided that it was time to move further up the hill.

Jack and Jill weren’t silly, they knew that before they did anything they needed to arrange for a local estate agent to come and see them. But who should they choose? What was the best way to find out?

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How to be an EA Master

01 November 2018

If you were at EA Masters a couple of weeks ago then you will have seen the outcome of 50,000 Mystery Shops of UK estate agents.

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Three Vital Questions

11 October 2018

In 1998 when emails first began to arrive, it is fair to say that they were treated as nothing more than a novelty. Most agents would cheerfully ignore incoming customer emails saying “if they were serious, they’d ring up”.

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a presentation to a group of people heavily involved in UK Estate Agency. I found myself turning the clock back to 1998 and comparing it with now. Read on to find out my conclusion………….

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Now or Never

30 August 2018

In a recent results announcement, Rightmove said that the average monthly spend of their agent customers is now very close to £1,000 per month. I found myself in a thought provoking exchange on LinkedIn with a man from Royal Mail…..

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