Which piggy are you now?

15 March 2018

We’ve seen all of the big agency chains announce their 2017 results in the past couple of weeks. All the talk of “digital strategy” made me look back at my blog twelve months ago to see if my predictions were coming true. Read on to see what I found……

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I am enthusiastic, I just don't show it

18 January 2018

The most exciting feature of the 2018 version of Callwell allows the staff of our customers to compete with each other to give the best customer service. I think it’s the coolest thing that we’ve done so far. But I was chatting to someone a few weeks ago who wasn’t so sure………

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The Road to Nowhere?

09 November 2017

I think most of us would agree that for many years the customer has been increasingly at the centre of thinking for businesses, and that this is a good thing. If a business is trying to provide a product or service that does not meet a real need, or it meets a need badly, then the longer term prognosis is unlikely to be good.

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Rabbits and Oceans

02 November 2017

Have you ever boiled an ocean in a rabbit hole? Either you have no idea of what I am talking about or perhaps your brain is flicking to memories of management jargon used to challenge the direction of a discussion …

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Blue sky disruption from out of the box stops a frog being boiled

26 October 2017

Indeed it might do, but is that really the best way to get the message across? Most of us are irritated by the latest management speak, whilst at the same time guilty of using it from time to time and kicking ourselves when we hear the words coming from our own mouths.

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It's not all about Tech

19 October 2017

It’s difficult for most people under the age of forty to imagine a world with out email. It’s impossible for most people under the age of thirty to think of life without social media. But what is it that makes the work place most unrecognisable for people over forty.

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Ties, Tattoos and Beards

05 October 2017

Twenty years ago in every estate agent branch across the Nation you would always see men wearing ties, never see tattoos and only very occasionally see beards. Now it’s all so different. Is that a change for the better or for the worse?

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First impressions still count

28 September 2017

On Friday of last week, in the results of the 2017 EA Masters mystery shop, we saw a first class example of how some things have been changed forever by tech but at the same time how certain other things will never change. BY BOB SCARFF

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Solutions in search of problems

21 September 2017

I’m back from my summer break and you’ll be hearing from me more regularly over the next few weeks. BY BOB SCARFF

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