Callwell are delighted to confirm a new partnership with GetAgent

Callwell knows the importance of lead management better than anyone in the industry and in addition the importance of identifying the source of every lead. The team at Callwell are delighted to announce that all customers of GetAgent that also subscribe to Callwell are now able to see at a glance all the Valuation leads from GetAgent on their Callwell dashboard.  This will mean that these high value GetAgent leads will be phoned immediately using Callwell’s unique Call Now function.

“We always strive to give our customers the most helpful dashboard and the GetAgent enhancement is just one of these. Valuation leads are the lifeblood of any agent’s business so it is critical that the follow up is quick, it’s a space where seconds can make all the difference. This partnership ensures that GetAgent customers that use Callwell will have even more of an edge.”
– Bob Scarff at Callwell

“We’re always seeking ways to improve and teaming up with Callwell shows that. Agents now have an enhanced way to effectively manage their GetAgent leads with the fast and efficient Callwell system. Agents can promptly engage with incoming calls in real-time as soon as they receive leads from GetAgent, maximising their chance of winning the instruction.”
– Colby Short at GetAgent