In a crowded market with an overabundance of leads, how can you set yourself apart from the competition to ensure you’re putting your time into what will see the most results?

We’ve put together a few tips that you and your agency can implement to help you get ahead and secure more valuations – with data-backed tactics.

Did you know that responding to an enquiry within the first minute of receiving it gives you an 80% chance the vendor will pick up, and 30 minutes later that drops to 50%?

How quickly are you getting back to your leads?

Making the best first impression

Whilst the internet has created a customer-friendly and convenient way for people to sell their houses, people want to connect with people. When looking for someone to sell their biggest asset for them, it usually comes down to who they connect with the most.

Being the first person to pick up the phone and engage with these leads offers a foot in the door that paves the way for establishing trust and a connection with potential customers.

When someone submits an online enquiry, they are usually actively looking for a solution to their problem – such as putting their house on the market. And suppose that online enquiry results in a real-life phone call within minutes of clicking the ‘send’ button. In that case, you start to see how reliable you look over other agencies sending a boilerplate autoresponder.

Handle and prioritise

Approximately 50% of leads are received between 6pm and 9am – most likely outside your operating hours. It’s crucial then to prioritise online enquiries or phone messages left between these hours to get back to them as quickly as possible.

Chances are if they’ve contacted you in those hours they have also enquired with your competitors.

In our industry, it’s easy to get complacent with the number of leads you have flooding in every day – but for those all-important valuations, you want to be a reliable and informative contact.

Don’t sit back and rely on landing every 1/10. By being the first point of contact and establishing a relationship early on, you give yourself an edge and a bigger chance to land the listing over other more impersonal agencies.

This has long-standing consequences, bolstering the reputation of your agency and you as a sales agent – leading to word of mouth and referrals.

Don’t go in blind

Yes, the emphasis is on being the first contact to get back in touch. However, the whole point of replying promptly is to allow you to lay the foundations for a trusting relationship, which can only be achieved if you have relevant information and can solve that lead’s problem right then and there.

This does require establishing some level of process to follow – which can more often than not be the hardest thing to implement, as it requires you to be disciplined in your approach and less scatter-gunned.

Easier said than done?

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “I know all of this helps but how can I actually put these methods into action?”, well worry not. Callwell Pro solution provides the perfect lead management toolbox to equip you to perform your very best.

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