Callwell has over 10,000 users across the UK, ranging from some of the largest multi-branch estate agents to individual sales and lettings branches. We speak with customer-facing sales and lettings staff all around the country and have listed our most frequently asked questions here to help you. 

What happens to enquiries received out of hours?

We know not every agent wants to engage with enquiries in the same way, so we give you 4 options for when an enquiry comes in out of hours:

    • Callwell will send an autoresponder by email or text that assures the enquirer that their message will be actioned in the morning.
    • For lettings, we can have an autoresponder that includes a tenant qualification to give you more insight into the enquirer.
    • Callwell can set up a morning caller so that once your office opens back up Callwell will act as if the calls have only just come through – calling your branch phone and letting you press 1 to reach out to enquiries.
    • Or you can use all of the above.

Every one of these options comes included with Callwell and can be activated or deactivated whenever you want.

Do you offer a nurture journey as part of the membership?

Callwell can easily integrate with any CRM that has an email marketing function (such as Mailchimp), letting you get the best start to any nurture journey. We know that many agencies have their own systems for lead nurture and believe that bridging that gap between enquiry and lead is what Callwell does best.  

We focus on letting you put your best foot forward with leads. It doesn’t need to be complicated. 

Do you integrate with CRMs?

Just like with Mailchimp, Callwell can easily integrate with all CRM systems, but it’s always good to get in touch with us to find out more. 

My CRM has a lead management feature built-in – why do I need Callwell?

There’s a reason Callwell is the biggest lead management tool for estate agents in the UK. It’s a specialist in the lead management space and having it separate from your existing CRM means you’re in control of what goes into your CRM system.  

Callwell lets you organise, prioritise and ensure that each lead has the right reply at the right time. Once you’ve actioned each lead, they can easily be copied into your CRM making sure it’s only engaged, useful leads that go into your system. 

Do you handle enquiries from my own website as well?

Yes. Callwell integrates with all leading portals and a host of other providers. Anywhere you get enquiries from, Callwell can help you manage those leads. 

My team has nailed it, why would I need a lead management tool?

Our founders have a combined 60 years’ experience in the sales and lettings industries, and it took Callwell for them to realise just how much they were missing out on. From a recent survey of enquiries sent to over 10,000 agents only 30% got a response from an agent. That’s more than 7,000 unanswered emails!  

Maybe your team is in that 30%, but one missed lead could have been something great and you won’t ever know without Callwell. 

We make sure that all enquiries are answered, every detail of every conversation can be tracked. Nothing can be deleted – even if a negotiator thinks it’s unimportant. Callwell is designed to give you that peace of mind to know that no opportunity ever goes untapped, it’ll even notify you when enquiries haven’t been actioned. 

We don’t like the idea of ‘Callwell Scoring’ – can it be turned off?

Yes. We know that no two agencies are built the same and have the same needs, that’s why we made Callwell completely configurable, so you don’t have to think about the parts of Callwell that won’t support your lead management.  

Some agencies use it as an incentive for their customer-facing staff, but if you don’t have a need for it – you can turn it right off. 

Can you help us pass leads on to our financial services partners?

Absolutely, we built a specific feature to help with this. With Callwell, passing an enquiry to your mortgage team or even your conveyancing team is as easy as pushing a button. We would give these teams access to their own Callwell dashboard so they can receive and action leads as quickly and efficiently as your own customer-facing teams. 

These teams don’t even have to be in-house. If you’re partnered with a local solicitor or financial services company, we can just as easily work with them. 

What sets Callwell apart from the competition?

Callwell was built to do one thing – manage every lead you get. We know that a phone call is the best route for high-value leads like valuation or landlord enquiries, and Callwell helps you prioritise the customer experience.

Where Callwell technology is used, we see an 80% pick-up on a phone call and a further 70% of those calls go on to book appointments with the agency.

We don’t mess about with anything else. Callwell is streamlined to make it easy to use and helpful to your customer-facing team.

Every enquiry deserves a great response straight away. You never get a second chance to make a first impression and a first impression is everything.

If you want to know more about Callwell, or have any other questions for us get in touch with us at