For nearly a decade, we’ve been helping agencies across the UK manage their leads more efficiently. Though our biggest selling point is our ability to instantly turn email enquiries into phone calls, equipping agents with the tools necessary to get in touch with leads before their competition, Callwell doesn’t just help you secure those all-important leads.

It also introduces a process that helps you organise, analyse, and prioritise so you’re putting your effort into what’s going to see the most results.

Our Innovation Director originally used Callwell in his own business and the insights it offered actually contributed towards his decision to leave Rightmove, as one of his online portal options.

Complete control over your leads

Callwell gives you complete control over managing your leads. Within 10 seconds of a lead sending an email to your branch, your phone will ring. The call will let your agents know the name of the customer, the enquiry type, and where they’ve come from. All your agent has to do is press 1 and it will immediately connect with the lead through a phone call.

That means in less than a minute of the email being sent, that lead has heard from a person in your business – not just received another boilerplate autoresponder.

Talk about a strong start!

But that’s just the beginning. Whether or not that call is picked up, it’s timestamped and documented on Callwell. There’s no deleting or ignoring leads, every phone call is marked – whether it was picked up or not – along with how long the call lasted.

All your leads are there to see, from the very first to the most recent.

Revolutionising lead management

Callwell allows you to search through your leads, letting you see who has yet to be called, who has yet to pick up a call, and who has been spoken to by one of your agents. Its advanced search features mean you can segment them by:

  • Enquiry type: what type of lead are they (landlord, valuation, renter, buyer)

  • Source: how did they find you (online portal, website, advert)

  • Priority: what leads you should be focusing on right now

  • Rating: given by your staff

  • Branch: what branch they contacted

  • Qualification: whether or not they’ve been qualified

And much more…

All those leads are available instantly, along with the ability to call them directly using Callwell. At the click of a button, ring your branch phone number and just like with the initial call, by pressing 1 you’ll be in touch with your lead.

Of course, your agents can’t be available on the phone 24/7, and around 50% of leads come in between 5pm and 9am. That’s why Callwell allows you to set up autoresponders for SMS or email letting your leads know that you’ll get to them as soon as you can. For lettings leads, you can have your auto responder ask leads-specific questions and once a response is received, Callwell will grade the tenant based on income against rent price.

But it doesn’t just end with an automated reply. Callwell lets you place those leads into a queue that your agents can get to as soon as you open the next day. If a lead has come through from the previous night, there’s a good chance they’ve contacted your competitor as well in that time – so being the first to contact is crucial to securing those leads.

Let Callwell bridge the gap between your agency and your leads, letting you focus on the conversation, not the build-up.

You never get a second chance at a first impression, so make your first impression stand out with Callwell.

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