Heimstaden is a prominent European residential company based in Sweden. It is the second-largest retail residential company in Europe. They entered the UK market in 2021 and set up operations, including their flagship development: Soho Wharf.

Heimstaden’s UK operations were rapidly growing, making efficient lead management critical to their success.

The Challenge:

Heimstaden’s UK operations faced a significant challenge in effectively managing a high volume of leads. With enquiries coming from various sources, including Rightmove, Zoopla, On the Market and their own website, it had become increasingly challenging to respond to leads promptly and ensure that no opportunities were being missed. The absence of a centralised lead management system made it difficult to track and follow up on enquiries, leading to potential missed opportunities.

The Solution:

Heimstaden sought a solution to streamline lead management and improve response times.

Callwell was recommended to them by one of their team members who had previous experience using the platform at Connells.

Heimstaden’s challenge, although not unique, required a considered approach. That is why Callwell – and more specifically, the Callwell Inbound feature – was suggested.

Recognising the importance of mobility in today’s fast-paced property market, implementing Callwell’s Inbound feature enabled enquiries to be promptly redirected to Heimstaden’s negotiator’s mobile phones; allowing their team to respond to leads without confining them to their desks all day.

With Callwell in place, Heimstaden embraced the structured approach afforded to them to better handle and disseminate incoming leads. The solution provided a well-defined process for meticulously recording and following up on each enquiry. This ensured that no lead went unnoticed or unaddressed, contributing to their overall efficiency and positive reputation.

In a bid to foster healthy competition and encourage greater responsiveness when handling enquiries, Callwell’s Point System for speedy response times and lead claiming worked incredibly effectively. This motivational aspect drove the team to be more responsive when handling enquiries.

Callwell proved to be a game-changer. Its catalogue of features and intuitive dashboard enabled Heimstaden to streamline its entire lead management process. No longer were disparate data sets slowing down internal operations; Callwell consolidated all their leads from various sources into a single, cohesive system, making it significantly more convenient to monitor and effectively manage enquiries.

Results and Benefits:

Callwell brought about a remarkable transformation in lead management, significantly elevating Heimstaden’s efficiency. Enhancement translated into prompt responses to enquiries, ultimately resulting in an increased number of property viewings.

Moreover, Callwell introduced a new level of transparency, providing valuable insight into the status of each lead. Ensuring that no enquiry was overlooked whilst allowing management to effectively gauge the performance of their teams.

In addition, Callwell’s Point System and ranking instilled a sense of healthy competition among team members. This motivated them to be swift and agile in responding, further contributing to a smooth and efficient sales process.

Beyond the day-to-day operations, Callwell’s comprehensive reporting features offered in-depth insights into performance and lead conversion rates. This data was invaluable for strategic decision-making and continually improving their approach to lead management.


Heimstaden highly recommends Callwell to other estate agents with high enquiry volumes. The benefits of Callwell Inbound, along with the platform’s consolidated lead management, efficient lead tracking, and gamification abilities create a competitive edge in the market. Enabling negotiators to respond quickly to enquiries, Callwell has become an indispensable asset for improving lead conversion rates and overall efficiency.

Callwell played a pivotal role in addressing Heimstaden’s lead management challenges and enhancing their operational efficiency. This case study illustrates how a well-implemented lead management tool can significantly impact a company’s success, particularly in the competitive housing market. By streamlining their lead management processes and fostering healthy competition, Heimstaden is now able to achieve more deals, effectively serving their clients and expanding their footprint in the UK market.

If you’d like to discuss how Callwell can help you get control over your lead management, then get in touch today!

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We generate an instant call to your branch for new enquiries, asking your agents to "Press 1" to initiate an immediate call to the customer. We can also schedule overnight and weekend leads to call your branch when it next opens.