The pandemic posed plenty of problems for many of our clients who were forced to change their business practices quickly.

Although the height of the pandemic has long passed, remote and hybrid working has remained relatively common across the UK.

In the face of lockdowns, a leading UK estate agency was forced to switch from their traditional in-person model to taking phone and video calls from home.

They approached Callwell to help them streamline their processes and become a central hub for their incoming leads.

Here’s a breakdown of the challenges they faced and how we helped.

The challenge

When our client was faced with enforced restructures to their familiar business processes, they had to reconsider how inbound leads were processed across departments, moving from a reliance on in-branch advisers to a remote team.

The challenge was to efficiently handle interactions across multiple departments, ensuring that leads were equally distributed amongst the appropriate staff members.

Moving away from an office environment meant that it was difficult for a negotiator to easily see if an adviser was available to deal with an enquiry. Therefore, a system that could manage lead monitoring and internal tracking was essential.

Our solution

We introduced this client to our innovative lead management solution, designed to improve transparency across all departments of their business.

Callwell became the central hub for all incoming leads, providing a unified system for managing diverse lead sources and ensuring a swift response to client enquiries.

Here’s how:

  • All leads from all sources were fed into relevant diaries
  • For direct bookings, advisers were assigned leads on a round-robin basis, ensuring fair distribution and effective diary management
  • All appointments became visible to the central support team, allowing them to initiate first contact with a prospective customer quickly and gather essential information before meetings

How it helped

Our client experienced a notable increase in lead conversion rates, especially in the estate agency segment.

Having appointments fed into a single source for the support team to act upon meant that this estate agency could capitalise and introduce near-immediate responses.

Within minutes after a booked appointment, their customers received a prompt call from their support team, reinforcing their reputation for an agency that cares.

The implementation of this process led to conversion rates improving from 50% to an incredible 65% – a remarkable increase which addressed the challenge of building relationships whilst working remotely.

How the client responded

The integration of Callwell was simple and very straightforwardaccording to our client’s Innovation Director. The Callwell team pride themselves on their knowledge of the platform and have the ability to get a branch up and running within 24 hours.

In this case, the cherry on top was the seamless integration with a third party. This client is a member of a market-leading Mortgage Network and their Google campaigns are managed for them.

Callwell provided this third party with a single email address for relevant leads which then arrived directly into the estate agency’s system.

By leveraging Callwell, this leading UK estate agency successfully navigated the challenge of remote working whilst dealing with diverse lead sources, ultimately improving their lead conversion rates.

If you’d like to discuss how Callwell can help you get control over your lead management, then get in touch today!

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