It’s a difficult time for sales negotiators and securing the most important leads across your valuation funnels is more crucial than ever. Whether they’ve come through your online portals, ad campaigns, Google or Bing, social media adverts, or your own website, keeping track of all your leads is hard enough. However, giving your team the ability to prioritise the most important leads is the key to your success. 

How long do your negotiators spend on unanswered phone calls? Lead management tools make sure your team can get in touch faster, can see which leads require action or follow up, can easily contact out of hours prospects, but most importantly, they bring all your contacts into one, easily manageable, place.

Equipping your sales team with lead management tools can give your negotiators the accountability and ownership to help your estate agent flourish. From the negotiators reaching out to the most valuable leads, to management making sure every lead is dealt with suitably, a lead management tool makes sure processes are maintained and managed thoroughly. Callwell gives your negotiators the power to instantly prioritise your leads, so they’re not wasting their time finding out which leads are most important. 

Do you have a way to track your team’s performance?



It might seem difficult to get measurable and actionable data on your team – and you might think it isn’t worth the hassle. But the average response rate to emails from portals in the UK is less than 25%… that’s three-quarters of all leads getting missed. Whereas with Callwell, our clients consistently reach response rates of over 85%, making sure you don’t lose any business unnecessarily.

Callwell is the lead management toolbox created by sales and lettings agents for sales and lettings agents. Its catalogue of features equips your negotiators with tangible processes for organising, analysing, and responding to any and all leads, so you can see the best results for your business.

Sales agents can benefit from Callwell’s ability to:

  • Collect data on every point of contact, keeping leads visible and negotiators accountable
  • Show who has yet to be called, who has spoken to your negotiators and how far along in your processes they are
  • Instantly organise leads and push your priorities straight to your negotiators
  • Instantly follow up on valuable leads at the press of a button
  • Prioritise out-of-hours leads so you get to them before your competitors do
  • Instantly search through interested, qualified leads if someone should back out

Instant follow-up for valuation enquiries

In the current market, where interest rates are still high, pricing is in a dip, and many people are holding off selling, you need to make sure those enquiries that are looking to sell their property get immediate, great service from your negotiators.

Callwell gives your sales team the ability to make the most out of every opportunity that comes in. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and after a lead is automatically qualified, approaching them quickly means your negotiators can focus on giving the enquirer great customer service. It’s these initial conversations that will shape your customers’ thinking about you and so making sure discussions are not bogged down with a series of questions, one after the other, means that conversation can be a lot more personable.


First impressions are everything

Selling a house is one of the biggest financial decisions a person can make, and making sure your negotiators are giving their best service to customers helps your business leave a lasting impression on your leads. Callwell’s Auto Response feature means that as soon as an email enquiry comes in from one of your online sales channels, Callwell instantly alerts your negotiators and lets them call the enquirer back in seconds. That speed doesn’t just help you secure leads; the instant response will reinforce that your customers are important to you.  

This doesn’t mean every lead your sales team gets is equally useful, from valuations to house viewings to simply asking for more information on a property, you probably don’t want the phone ringing for every enquiry. That’s why Callwell lets you choose which enquiry types you want to prioritise.  


Get ahead of the competition

Clear priorities for your office hours are vital, but not all your leads come in during the day. In fact, 50% of leads come in between 6pm and 9am and those enquirers will have likely reached out to your competitors’ offices as well. Quick responses and well-thought-out prioritisation mean you can make sure you beat the competition. Callwell gives your negotiators the ability to instantly follow-up with overnight leads at the push of a button. 

As a lead management tool, Callwell might help you secure your most valuable leads instantly, and it doesn’t just give your negotiators the ability to track leads – it gives you the ability to track your team’s performance with tangible, actionable data, so you can have complete transparency over your business. 

From macro analytics such as which sales channels are consistently bringing in your best leads, to micro insights such as how quickly your negotiators are getting back to leads, Callwell gives you a deeper understanding of your business allowing you to spot opportunities for growth.

These insights help you know where profits are best spent and with Callwell’s ROI Calculator, meaning you can uncover where you are excelling and where the opportunities for further success lie.

Empower your staff and your managers to kick your business into overdrive. 

With over 10,000 sales and lettings branches already using Callwell, it’s likely that other agents are already taking advantage of the effective tools it provides at the negotiator and business owner level alike. If you don’t want to get left in the dust, contact us today and we can show you everything Callwell is capable of.