What are estate agents without new leads?

You used to pay newspapers to advertise your for-sale stock, but in the digital age, the vast majority of your new applicants are generated online. The biggest chunk of those leads likely come via the big three online portals, a key part of the industry and your business. Your agency probably spends £100s or £1,000s a month listing your sales and lettings properties on these portals to generate leads.

How can you be sure your customer-facing staff are getting the most out of the leads these online portals are bringing in?

That’s where Callwell comes in. This innovative online tool doesn’t just help you instantly respond to enquiries. It helps your team manage and prioritise every lead from every portal, so you never have to worry about losing track of enquiries.

If the online property portals are the bridge connecting you and your enquiries, Callwell is the supercar that makes getting over that bridge quicker (and easier) than ever.

Speed isn’t everything

We know how important leads are to your agency and Callwell lets you have a conversation with an enquirer in seconds. But not every conversation is made equal, not every phone call will lead to business straight away, and not every enquiry will always turn into a strong lead, no matter how good your team are. That’s why Callwell Pro helps you organise and analyse your leads as soon as they come in. It lets you keep track of every detail, from how your enquirer found you, to how long your negotiators have spoken with them , to when your staff last contacted them.

Running any business requires constant vigilance on spend and what’s giving a good (or any) return on investment. Paying to list your properties on online portals likely is one of your biggest monthly spends. With Callwell’s ROI calculator, you can see where your best leads are coming from – whether it’s your own site, OnTheMarket, Zoopla, or Rightmove, or anywhere else you might collect engaged leads from.

Callwell is made and managed by estate agents for estate agents – with decades of experience in the industry we know how important it is to make sure your finances are as efficient and effective as your sales and lettings teams. You might get the feeling that one online portal is pulling its weight more than another, or that one is letting you down. With Callwell, you can be sure of data-backed insights collected automatically by your team’s conversations and conversions.

You’ve likely accepted the necessary cost that you’re expected to spend every month on the online portals, but one of our early users took the reports Callwell generated and approached one of the portals that wasn’t giving the expected return on investment. His multi-branch lettings agency made the decision to cut that unnecessary cost and he found no drop in business.

Engaging with every lead is key

One of the biggest talking points we hear from agents up and down the UK is “email leads aren’t worth getting to; if they really cared they’d call or come in”. If you’ve ever thought this, we’ve got one thing to say:

Are you sure?

Is it worth missing those all-important valuation leads or tainting a potential relationship with a landlord with a growing property portfolio? We know that for your sales staff, going through every email and checking whether each one is relevant might seem tedious. But there’s real value in the data gathered, and with Callwell, every conversation is lined up ready for your staff, making it easier than ever to get through leads each day.

Every customer is different, and individual customers can change what they might need you for in months if not weeks. If you get an email asking for a viewing on a rental property, six months later that person might be looking to buy or they might have inherited a house from a loved one that they now wish to sell. If, when they reach out to you initially, you’ve responded quickly and had a good conversation even if it does only take a minute or two, they’ll remember that they mattered – and first impressions are everything.

For your customer-facing staff, whether it’s in sales or in lettings, they don’t have to be transforming leads into customers alone. We can’t promise that we’ll turn every lead into a customer – that’s your job – but what we can promise is that we’ll give your team the best tools to help them get repeat business, better enquiries, and better response times.

If you’re interested in turbo-boosting your team, get in touch with us today.